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Double-Sided Vintage Tiger Design Wool Blanket Jacket

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This handmade double-sided vintage tiger pattern wool blanket jacket is a unique outerwear piece that offers both style and warmth in cold weather conditions. Featuring a distinctive retro style, this custom-designed jacket is a perfect choice for those seeking elegance and originality. The tiger pattern adds a powerful character to your attire, drawing attention with its bold design. The warm and natural wool coating completes your style during the winter season. Ideal for fashion enthusiasts looking for uniqueness and craftsmanship, this artisan-designed piece is a must-have. Don't miss out on this special jacket that keeps you warm on cold winter days while reflecting your style!
Material: Wool Blanket
Weight: 870gr.
Size: M ( ~L~ compatible) [Relaxed fit]
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Stok KoduTigerJACKET
MarkaCharons Claw
Stok DurumuSOLD OUT
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